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Enjoy memorable views from a Veranda – ask for rates

                                                                Two of our employees recently returned from European
                                                                river voyages aboard Viking Longships. Cruise Consultant
                                                                Carol Terhune sailed from Paris into the heart of
                                                                Normandy; Sales Assistant Marie Emanuel glided up the
                                                                Danube from Budapest to Nuremberg. Both came back
                                                                raving about their experiences.
                                                                Carol gave high marks to the “extremely helpful staff
                                                                whose service went above and beyond – even after our
                                                                cruise ended. Due to heavy traffic, we were delayed in
                                                                getting to the airport at the end of the voyage. The Viking
                                                                representative accompanied us off our motorcoach and
                                                                almost magically helped us navigate through the airport
                                                                very quickly!”

                                                                Marie, too, had high praise for the Viking crew “who go
                                                                out of their way to help first-time river cruisers understand
                                                                the flow of each day.” As for accommodations: “I would
                                                                definitely recommend reserving a stateroom with a Veranda
                                                               – or at least a French Balcony – to maximize your view as
                                                                you cruise Europe’s beautiful rivers.”

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