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A Grand Voyage is longer and broader in scope than a typical cruise. It is often staffed by the most experienced crew and features special theme nights and events.
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Grand Asia
A spectacular way to visit the Far East and Southeast Asia while only unpacking once. It may also include Far Eastern Russia, Australia/New Zealand, or other South Pacific islands.
Grand Mediterranean
A perfect way to explore the Mediterranean region in depth. Often, these voyages will be roundtrip U.S. or feature just one international flight.
Grand South America
Cruise around the entire continent of South America. Highlights often include the Brazilian Amazon, scenic cruising in Antarctica and options to visit Machu Picchu or Iguazu Falls.
Why go on a Grand Voyage?
Like a World Cruise, a Grand Voyage is longer and broader in scope than a typical cruise. The onboard staff goes all out to help you maximize your enjoyment, and there are special events such as theme nights that help you experience the local cuisine and culture more fully.
What to expect on a Grand Voyage
On select Grand Voyages, Cruise Specialists clients benefit from a helpful Voyage Host, private cocktail parties, an exclusive shore tour program – and in some cases, a complimentary pre-cruise hotel stay. Grand Voyages are some of our most popular cruises – we can put our experience to work for you in planning one of these incredible adventures.
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