Travel Interests 
Find a travel adventure as unique as you are. Enrichment, local culture and exciting cuisine await.
Expedition Cruising
Visit remote regions, seek rare wildlife and interact with knowledgeable guides. Adventure or expedition cruises open up a new world from the comfort of a smaller, yet luxurious cruise ship.
Hosted Cruises
Voyage Hosts facilitate special events and build camaraderie among our guests. Voyage Hosts are also a wealth of information about the destinations you’re visiting and the ship itself.
River Cruises
Dock in the heart of magnificent river cities and charming villages. See local life up close and savor authentic regional cuisine on your intimate yet modern river cruise ship.
Small Ship Cruises
Enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded travelers and seek out unique ports on smaller ships, going where larger ships cannot.
Solo Cruises
On a cruise, even if you are traveling solo, there are many ways to have a wonderful time and get to know other travelers. We can also help you with planning and saving money on a solo cruise.
Train Journeys
Experience stunning landscapes and hear from knowledgeable guides who enhance your trip with local insight and storytelling.
It’s one of the ultimate wish-list vacations. We use our travel expertise to help you plan a one-of-a-kind safari that showcases the most magnificent wildlife imaginable.
Escorted Land Tours
Escorted land tours have become sophisticated means of experiencing iconic destinations. Our partners can obtain special privileges to visit sights and museums before or after hours, and much more.
All-Inclusive Resorts
An all-inclusive resort can be compared to a luxury cruise on land. We can take care of your entire reservation and provide reassurance that you are selecting the best resort for you to feel pampered and relaxed.
Cruise Specialists took care of absolutely everything, and we really enjoyed the other people in our circle. It was the perfect mix of adventure, learning and socializing.
- Alex Johnson (California)
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