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Easter Island, a rarely-visited port to be featured on the 2019 World Cruise

        WHAT AN ITINERARY!                                          OUR RECOMMENDATIONS
        Kicking off the voyage are two unusual destinations for
        Holland America Line World Cruises: San Blas Islands
        and UNESCO-listed Easter Island, famous for its             GRAND VOYAGES, ALL JUST ANNOUNCED!
        mysterious moai (monumental statues). The westbound              82-Day Grand Asia & Pacific Voyage
        route then showcases French Polynesia, New Zealand,         Roundtrip Los Angeles
        Australia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India and Jordan. Look     ms Amsterdam | Sep 30, 2018
        forward to three full weeks in Europe with calls in Italy,   Voyage Host: Tom Mullen
        Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, the Netherlands,          Fares From $12,499 pp. (Inside, Grand Mariner Rate)
        Denmark, Norway, Scotland and Ireland before crossing
        the Atlantic for home.                                           80-Day Grand South America & Antarctica

        Just as we went to press, Holland America Line also         Roundtrip Ft. Lauderdale
        announced its 2018 Grand Asia & Pacific Voyage, and         ms Prinsendam | Jan 4, 2019
                                                                    Voyage Hosts: TBA
        the 2019 Grand South America & Antarctica Voyage.           Fares From $16,499 pp. (Inside, Grand Mariner Rate)
        We have much more information available about these
        exciting cruises and can share it when you contact us.
        As always, we’ll be offering a number of exclusive perks –       113-Day Grand World Voyage
        including popular Voyage Hosts and private group shore      Roundtrip Ft. Lauderdale
                                                                    ms Amsterdam | Jan 22, 2019
        excursions for each Grand Voyage – when you book            Voyage Host: Tom Mullen
        through us.                                                 Fares From $17,499 pp. (Inside, Grand Mariner Rate)

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