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                                                                 FURTHER BEYOND PRAGUE?
                                                                 Our Cruise Specialists Shore Excursions
                                                                 department can create a side trip for
                                                                 you to explore the wonders of Southern
                                                                 Bohemia. This fairy tale region includes
                                                                 highlights such as:
                                                                    • Hluboka Chateau, originally built as
                                                                     a Gothic fortress to guard the valley
                                                                     of the Vltava River
                                                                    • Ceske Budejovice, home of the
                                                                     original Budweiser Beer
                                                                    • Cesky Krumlov, a unique town
                                                                     almost entirely preserved from the
                                                                     Renaissance Period

          The city is known for its Bohemian glass and porcelain
          items – cut-crystal glassware has been associated with
          Prague for centuries. The Moser glass company, on
          Na Prikope, is a well-known icon of Czech architecture
          and is celebrating its 160th anniversary this year.

          Speaking of shopping, if you journey to Prague
          during the holiday season, you can visit its gleaming
          Christmas markets – which led USA Today readers
          to rank Prague as the best holiday destination in
          the world.

          No matter what the season, your Cruise Specialists
          Cruise Consultant can help you find the ideal river
          cruise to bring you to this emerging tourist mecca.

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