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           It’s incredible to think that in just two years, since our previous River Cruise edition of Seaviews, river cruising has evolved
           as much at it has. At least 30 new riverboats debuted in 2015 and 2016. We’ve seen the launch of Crystal River Cruises
           (arguably the biggest news in terms of luxury river cruising). Plus, river cruising in the United States has taken an exciting
           turn, with an all-suite river cruise ship (American Queen Steamboat Company’s American Duchess), and a brand new ship
           by French America Line, offering an alternative to paddlewheel cruising. And when it comes to the complimentary shore
           excursions that helped parlay river cruising into the success that it is, the breadth of offerings, styles and unique experiences
           has grown so much that it takes an expert to sort through the many types of shore tours available to you.
           For these reasons, and countless more, we are proud to share with you this 2017 River Cruise edition of Seaviews. You may
           want your first stop to be our river cruise feature on page 18, where you’ll find a breakdown of differences between ocean
           cruising and river cruising, plus a convenient chart that outlines our river cruise partners and their distinctions.
           You may also notice Seaviews itself continues to evolve. As always, every page of Seaviews has been researched, written
           and designed completely by our in-house Seaviews team – now with more pages than ever, filled with handpicked cruise
           opportunities and information we’ve received directly from our devoted contacts at the cruise lines. Our expanded Seaviews
           format includes a new destination article – this time on Prague, a captivating city that can be seamlessly included as a tour
           on river cruise itineraries along the Danube or Elbe.

           You’ll also see commentary from our growing number of Cruise Specialists staff who have experienced river cruises. As with
           ocean cruising, it’s our commitment to the ongoing education of each team member that ensures we’re providing you with
           unique perspectives and insight that will match you with the right cruise line, itinerary and stateroom or suite.

           Wherever you choose to go, our team of experts is well versed in all aspects of cruising, whether along historic rivers or
           through oceans and seas around the globe. We’ll facilitate everything needed to create an unforgettable vacation for you!
           As always, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

                                                                                      ABOUT THE COVER

                                                             A Viking Longship cruises the Main River,
           Annie Scrivanich                                  through Würzburg, Germany, and past the
           Senior Vice President                               Marienberg Fortress. Tip: enjoy a glass of
           Cruise Specialists                                  Franconia white wine and relish the view
                                                                            from a local weinstube.

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