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                                                             “Why take a river cruise? Even if you are an

                                                              experienced ocean cruiser, river cruising is a

                                                              fantastic opportunity to visit inland Europe,

                                                              and still have the convenience of not packing

                                                              and unpacking each day.”

                                                              – Carol Terhune,
                                                                Cruise Specialists Cruise Consultant

                                                                ver since the completion of the Main-Danube Canal
                                                                in 1992, river cruising has become a phenomenon that
                                                              Eproduces more than a dozen new river ships each year –
                                                              including at least 20 this year.

                                                              Exploring the world via inland waterways, on smaller vessels,
                                                              allows you to experience destinations on a more personal and
                                                              intimate level than you might on most ocean cruises. Land is
                                                              always in sight and the scenery is eye-level. And because river
                                                              vessels are often able to dock right in the center of town, you
                                                              have more time to explore and can easily stop back at your
                                                              ship for lunch or a rest.

                                                              If you’ve yet to take a river cruise – or haven’t taken one in
                                                              quite a while – you’ll be surprised at what today’s vessels have
                                                              to offer. They are apt to resemble your favorite boutique hotel
                                                              – often with open-air balconies, original artwork, stand-out
                                                              cuisine and authentic local entertainment. But while these
                                                              new ships are lovely, the focus of river cruising is clearly on
                                                              the destination.

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