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        With Our Compliments
        The crown symbol indicates special
        amenities courtesy of Cruise Specialists!
        On Grand Voyages, we provide a
        Cruise Specialists Voyage Host, Exclusive
        Onboard Events, Exclusive Shore Tour
        program and Commemorative Gift(s).
        Hosted World Cruise or Grand Voyage          Iceland                            Beijing

                                                        38-Day Voyage of                    82-Day Grand Asia
                                                    the Vikings                       & Pacific Voyage

                                                    Roundtrip Boston                  Roundtrip Los Angeles
                                                    ms Rotterdam | Jul 18, 2018       ms Amsterdam | Sep 30, 2018
                                                    Voyage Host TBA                   Voyage Host Tom Mullen
                                                    Holland America Line’s most popular   Also includes Pre-Cruise Hotel Stay,
                                                    and unique summer cruise explores   Bon Voyage Gala, Pre-Cruise Transfer
                                                    the fabled Northern Route that    from Hotel to Pier & $100 Free Shore
                                                    Viking ships are thought to have   Tour Dollars per person
                                                    taken on their expeditions. Look   Sweeping the Pacific Rim, highlights
                                                    forward to Norway’s stunning      include Japan, China and Vietnam,
                                                    fjords and Iceland’s geothermal   before dropping below the equator
                                                    landscapes. Fares From $7,699 pp.   to explore the Great Barrier Reef,
                                                    (Inside)                          Komodo Island, the South Pacific and
                                                                                      more. Discover off-the-grid Mystery
                                                                                      Island and marvel at firewalkers in Fiji.
                                                                                      Fares from $12,499 pp. (Inside, Grand
                                                                                      Mariner Rate)

                                                     Antarctica                         Easter Island

                                                           80-Day Grand                     113-Day Grand
                                                    South America &                   World Voyage
                                                    Antarctica Voyage                 Roundtrip Ft. Lauderdale
                                                    Roundtrip Ft. Lauderdale          ms Amsterdam | Jan 22, 2019
 “     This was our first time with Cruise Specialists   ms Prinsendam | Jan 4, 2019   Also includes Pre-Cruise Hotel Stay,
                                                                                      Voyage Host Tom Mullen
                                                    Voyage Host TBA
       and we were very impressed. Everyone was
                                                                                      Bon Voyage Gala, Pre-Cruise Transfer
       so friendly and accommodating – providing    The intimate, 835-guest “Elegant   from Hotel to Pier & $200 Free Shore
                                                    Explorer” circumnavigates South   Tour Dollars per person
       us with personal service and meeting all     America, showcasing the Peruvian
       our needs. Bridgett was terrific – a real    Andes, exotic Amazon and ethereal   The San Blas Islands and Easter
                                                                                      Island are just two of the unusual
       pleasure to work with. Actually, everybody   White Continent. Here’s your chance   destinations featured on this global
                                                    to practice the tango, trek to Machu
       we met associated with Cruise Specialists                                      voyage, which visits 28 UNESCO
                                                    Picchu on an optional tour, and chat
       was wonderful. This is an excellent travel   up Antarctic penguins – on one    World Heritage sites. A first: calls in
                                                                                      Northern Europe and the British Isles.
       company to work with.                        trip. Fares from $16,499 pp. (Inside,   Fares from $18,099 pp. (Inside,
                                                    Grand Mariner Rate)
       - Don & Pat, Cruise Specialists     ”                                          Grand Mariner Rate)
        World Cruise clients of Bridgett Quinn              Contact us today at: 888-672-0830
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