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Popular voyage hos
                                                                                                    in their stateroom

WORLD CRUISES                                                                                       Where Do Your Dreams Take You?

THE ULTIMATE DREAM                                                                                  Do you want to circumnavigate South America and explore
                                                                                                    the enigmatic White Continent? Discover aboriginal
Traveling Solo?                    Each year, in its annual Travel Dreams Survey,                   cultures Down Under and venture to Asia’s most exotic
Welcome Aboard!                    Virtuoso Life magazine asks savvy travelers to name the          cities? Succumb to seductive French Polynesia and over-
                                   “experience of a lifetime.”Topping the ambitious list year       the-top Dubai? Point your camera at South Africa’s big five
Cruise lines and voyage hosts      after year: a World Cruise.                                      and Myanmar’s temples? If it’s on your bucket list, chances
roll out the red carpet for solo                                                                    are good, one or more of our featured World Cruises will
travelers – who make up a strong   This doesn’t surprise any of us at Cruise Specialists. As North  showcase it.
contingent of World Cruisers.      America’s go-to agency for World Cruises since 1987, we’ve
                                   sent more than 8,000 inquisitive travelers around the globe      Why Book through Cruise Specialists?
Cruise Specialists client Jean M   to pursue their ultimate dream.
even customizes her own World                                                                       It goes without saying that a World Cruise is a significant
Cruise attire!                     Why Take a World Cruise?                                         investment – in money and time. You don’t want to pay for
                                                                                                    things you won’t need, nor waste your time visiting places
       LET’S TALK                  • Y ou can literally circumnavigate the globe without a         that don’t appeal to you. With our breadth of experience in
Our experts at Cruise Specialists   single international flight.                                    World Cruise planning, we match you with the itinerary and
look forward to showing you                                                                         cruise line that is perfect for you. We help you avoid costly
the world. We’re just a phone      • V isit multiple continents and scores of countries on one     mistakes, put you in the stateroom or suite that best suits you,
call away from your dream           well-orchestrated vacation.                                     and work closely with the cruise line to make sure you have
adventure.                                                                                          everything you need. We also offer you special pricing, early
                                   •Experience a vast number of intriguing cultures.              booking amenities, shipboard credits and a world of perks
                                                                                                    exclusively through Cruise Specialists. And our commitment
                                   • Unlike other modes of travel, you unpack just once and        to you doesn’t stop once you’ve booked. We’re always here to
                                    enjoy the same home-away-from-home accommodations,              take care of any hiccups that might arise.
                                    creature comforts and ultra-service each and every day.
                                                                                                    Our Voyage Hosts & Exclusive
                                   • T ravel in the company of interesting people like yourself.   Shore Tour Programs*
                                    Many lifelong friendships are forged on a World Cruise.
                                                                                                    Our voyage hosts are, literally, the best in the business. In
                                   • Escape the unpleasant winter weather back home. Most          addition to being world-class travelers with a wealth of
                                    world cruises depart in January and return in the spring.       destination knowledge and tips, they’re warm and inclusive –
                                                                                                    and go the extra mile to take care of our clients.
                                   • It’s the ultimate learning experience. Think of a World
                                    Cruise as a very sophisticated “semester at sea” –              Cruise Specialists also offers a comprehensive shore tour
                                    minus the homework and finals!                                  program – orchestrated by a cruise industry veteran of 25+
                                                                                                    years. These personalized, small-group tours run the gamut
                                   • W orld Cruises include a number of special perks –            from iconic must-sees (think Taj Mahal) to nature and wildlife
                                    everything from Business Class Air and baggage valet to         encounters, and rich cultural experiences.
                                    exclusive shore events, depending on the cruise line.
                                                                                                    * Available on select voyages

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