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Regent Seven Seas Voyager Cruise Review

April  5,  2023   14 days  Miami to Barcelona

I had the opportunity to sail on the Voyager and the experience exceeded my expectations.  Here’s an overview: 

Verandah Suite

The veranda suite accommodations on board were beautifully appointed with lovely suite appointments and luxurious bedding.  Our room steward was continually checking on us and replenishing our requests for any beverages or cabin amenities we wanted. 


The staff on board were amazing and continually there to please & accommodate any needs as requested. There were so many attendants on board - 1:1 ratio, or even more, especially around the pool.  The staff around the ship were All consistently friendly,  kind  and  gracious. They kept the ship immaculate. 

Dining Venues

I experienced the following restaurants: Compass Rose,  Prime 7, Sette Mari and Chartreuse. The gourmet meals & presentation were amazing with excellent service.  If something was not to your liking, they would readily accommodate any changes.

The pool buffet at lunch & breakfast:  This was one of my favorite spots for breakfast and lunch as the food was always fresh and so many choices. 

At the pool grill you can order burgers, specialty sandwiches, French fries etc.  Since they are made-to-order everything was served fresh and hot. 

Unlimited Free Shore Excursions

We took two free included shore excursions both were city tours with local guides who were very informative.  It was interesting to learn about these ports & their culture.We also noticed even on the day the excursion departed, Regent Shore Excursion staff  were clearing wait-listed guests. 

Overall it was an amazing experience. I recommend Regent Seven Seas as our top luxury cruise line. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.      

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