World Cruises 


We partner with the best world cruise lines to find the right fit for you.
Known for its dramatic and exciting cruises around the world.
Dates: 2018, 2019
Length: 111 days
From/To: Roundtrip Ft. Lauderdale
Capacity: 1,380 passengers
Starting from $17,499
Aboard the beloved Seven Seas Navigator®, this luxury cruise is in high demand.
Dates: 2018, 2019
Length: 128-137 nights
From/To: Miami or Los Angeles
Capacity: 490 passengers
Starting from $54,999
Offers one of the highest staff-to-passenger ratios in the industry.
Dates: 2018, 2019
Length: 95-103 days
From/To: Roundtrip Miami, San Francisco or Los Angeles
Capacity: 1,080 passengers
Starting from $35,725
This 180-day cruise is significantly longer than other world cruises, offering even more dream destinations.
Dates: 2018, 2019
Length: 180 days
From/To: Roundtrip Miami, FL
Capacity: 684 passengers

Starting from $39,999
The golden age of luxury embraces modern convenience and amenities.
Dates: 2018, 2019
Length: 96 to 134 days
From/To: Roundtrip New York or Southampton
Capacity: 2,081 to 2,691 passengers
Starting from $19,998
Fewer passengers, more personalized attention, and close-knit camaraderie between guests.
Dates: 2018, 2019
Length: 121 to 132 days
From/To: San Francisco or Los Angeles
Capacity: 382 passengers

Starting from $61,550
Warm, welcoming service, engaging onboard activities, and great value.
Dates: 2018, 2019
Length: 111 days
From/To: Roundtrip Ft. Lauderdale or Los Angeles
Capacity: 672 passengers
Starting from $18,999
Explore one magical destination after another on Azamara's first-ever World Journey.
Dates: 2018
Length: 102 Days
From/To: Sydney to London
Capacity: 686 Passengers
Starting from $35,870
The award-winning cruise line makes a highly-anticipated foray into World Cruising with a brand new ocean ship.
Dates: 2018
Length: 141 or 120 days
From/To: Miami or Los Angeles to London
Capacity: 930 passengers

Starting from $49,999
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There are so many ways to see the world!
How about by private jet tour in 24 days of luxury?

Enjoy an authentic and intimate journey on a privately chartered jet, equipped for only 50 fortunate guests attended to by an elite, hand-picked onboard and land-based staff.

Imagine the luxury of privileged access to exclusive airfields and accommodations reserved for jet tour guests only! It is a seamless process designed for the savviest of travelers, led by experts in each destination. This type of travel truly offers the most intensive and carefree exploration of many facets of the globe. Snorkeling in French Polynesia, hiking in Bhutan, and riding a snowmobile across a glacier in Iceland are all some of the exhilarating possibilities available to you in this around-the-world adventure. We urge you to look further into this very special opportunity.

Around the World Journey by Private Jet