18-Day Melanesia, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu Expedition 

18-Day Melanesia, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu Expedition

Zodiac Cruises, Gratuities and Shore Tours

Join Zegrahm Expeditions on this special 30th Anniversary Signature Voyage: Melanesia, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu, on board the 100-guest Island Sky. Discover prolific wildlife, idyllic landscapes and warm, cultural exchanges during this expedition. Zodiac cruises take you through pristine lagoons and channels in rarely visited places like Utupua. A team of experts are there to help transform your vacation into an authentic learning experience, whether you are exploring coral reefs or going on birding walks. This is an excellent choice for the active traveler who appreciates hikes in remote locales, thrilling opportunities for snorkeling or diving, as well as the spontaneity of expedition cruising.

Zodiac Cruises, Gratuities and Shore Tours

Cruise Line: Zegrahm Expeditions
Ship(s): Island Sky
Departure: 9/10/2020
Length: 18 Days
Starts: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
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Cruise Amenities

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Melanesia, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu Expedition Highlights:
  • An award-winning journey that reveals the extraordinary diversity of Melanesia and its people.
  • Receive warm welcomes from friendly locals and witness time-honored ceremonies that include hypnotic drumming, melodic bamboo panpipes, and elaborately-costumed dancers.
  • Snorkel or dive over pristine coral reefs populated by a variety of tropical fish.
  • Search for striking endemic birds, including the Solomon Island sea eagle, buff-headed coucal and Melanesian megapode.
  • Stroll through tiny villages and isolated island communities for a glimpse of traditional life on these idyllic islands
Zegrahm ALL-INCLUSIVE Amenities:
  • Complimentary activity options, from cultural tours, nature hikes to zodiac cruises
  • All gratuities, from porters and ship's crew to tour guides and drivers
  • All accommodations
  • World-class lecture and expedition team
  • All entrance fees, taxes and landing and port charges
  • Arrival and departure transfer on group dates
  • Gift certificates for recommended expedition gear and reading materials
  • Comprehensive pre-departure packet to prepare you for your trip
  • Dedicated staff to answer all of your questions and assist with flight arrangements
  • All meals on board and with the group ashore, including beer and wine with lunch and dinner
  • Medical expense coverage and emergency evacuation insurance

18-Day Melanesia, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu Expedition

18-Day Melanesia, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu Expedition

Fares as low as $16,980 and Zodiac Cruises, Gratuities and Shore Tours!

Melanesia, Solomon Islands & Vanuatu
30th Anniversary Signature Voyage

Aboard the Island Sky
September 10, 2020 ♦ Port Moresby to Port Vila♦ 18 Days

Sept 10-12
DEPART USA/Port Moresby: (Cross Int'l Date Line and Lose a day)
Arrive in Papua New Guinea and check in to Airways Hotel. In the evening gather for a welcome dinner.
Sept 13
Port Moresby/Embark Island Sky:
Visit National Museum and Art Gallery. This afternoon embark Island Sky.
Sept 14

Bonarua Island:
Start the day on deck to admire the peaks of the Owen Stanley Range. In the afternoon, you will visit Bonarua where a local choir welcomes you ashore. Observe fishing and weaving demonstrations, and stroll through the village where you may sample local delicacies. Head for the thicket to look for local birds. Opt for a snorkel or dive excursion in the waters of the Coral Sea.
Sept 15
Dobu & Fergusson, D'entrecasteaux Islands:
Explore these distinctive, volcanic islands and snorkel or dive in the waters. Visit a fishing village and hike to a series of hot springs and mud pools surrounded by lush vegetation.
Sept 16

Laughlan Islands:
The Laughlan Islanders specialize in traditional canoe building and you will find these vessels in various stages of construction. The residents here welcome you with a stroll through the village. This afternoon choose to snorkel off a prisitine sand bar or dive from the outer reef.
Sept 17

Day at Sea:
Take advantage of onboard lectures recapping your experiences. Join naturalists on deck to look for seabirds and marine wildlife.
Sept 18 Tetepare Island, Solomon Islands:
Visit the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific. Nature walks may reveal the amazing arrary of birds, of which there are 230 recorded species. The surrounding reef is one of the most biodiverse in the world and the island's black sand beaches are important nesting sites for green, leatherback and hawksbill turtles.
Sept 19

Uepi Island:
This barrier reef island is a snorkeler's dream with spectacular coral gardens in protected waters. Divers can explore the fringing reef.  
Sept 20 Malaita:
The residents of pristine Malaita are renowned for their panpipe ensembles and dances that depict traditions, such as fishing and sailing. Birders will seek the Malaita fantail.
Sept 21 Day at Sea:
Spend the day recharging with onboard lectures given by the expedition team.
Sept 22
Utupua, Santa Cruz Islands:
This island is surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reef. Zodiacs will deliver you through a fjordlike channel where you will learn about this unique ecosystem. During your free time, choose to stroll through the village of Nembo to admire the residents' gardens or join a snorkel or dive excursion along the fringing reef to observe teeming marine activity.
Sept 23 Tikopia:
You will be welcomed to this remote idyll by singing school children clad in tapa cloth, followed by traditional dancing by the village men. Hike to the crater lake of the island's center to look for fairy terns, cardinal honeyeaters and yellow-bibbed lories.
Sept 24 Ureparapara, Vanuatu:
You will be welcomed ashore with a "water music" performance, followed by a guided tour of the village.
Sept 25 Ambrym:
Come ashore to the welcome of dancers and explore the traditional Linbul Village.This volcanic island is known for its slit-gong drums, often retaining the shape of the breadfruit tree trunks they are carved from. 
Sept 26-27 Port Vila/Disembark/Brisbane, Australia/Home:
Disembark this morning, enjoying a tour of Port Vila on your way to the airport. In Brisbane, you will have dinner and stay overnight at the airport hotel. Depart for home the next day. 
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