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Corsica Walking Tour - See the World on Two Feet

Corsica Walking Tour - See the World on Two Feet

Location: Corsica, Italy
Price: $5,995

With the aid of B&R’s charming and meticulous guides, you will have a chance to explore all of Corsica's many polished facets!

Your Trip at a Glance:

Day 1:

Head into Corsica’s heart, the mountains of Alta Rocca stretching 7000 feet tall. Hike a river valley trail outside the stark granite village of Sorbollano climbing boulders and exploring the Bronze-age cyclopean castle of Cucuruzzu.

Day 2:
Venture into the mountains at the Boca di Bavedda for the most dramatic hike of the week. Here, trees are six metres in circumference and 50 metres tall! With the Mediterranean Sea on both sides, traverse Corsica north to south along the famous Grande Randonnée hiking trail.

Day 3:
Bid arrevedacci to the Alta Rocca and wind down to a hidden seaside track. Today’s shoreline hike is a gentle affair, with azure blue waters to one side and tafoni, fantastical wind-sculpted boulders, on the other. Tonight’s accommodation is perched along one of Corsica’s most gorgeous coves.

Day 4:
Today we’ll relish the scent of the maquis, strolling along the trails above this hidden coast, with birds and iridescent lizards for company. The rest of the day is yours to create—come out to the seaside town of Porto Vecchio, relax at the hotel, or explore the Genovese tower of Sant’ Amanza.

Day 5:
Discover the most stunning part of the island: a coast of towering white cliffs, translucent turquoise waters, rolling green hills, and the Citadel of Bonifacio, one of the Mediterranean’s most impenetrable fortresses. Consider a walk to secluded coves and later, take a coastal cruise for a sea-level view of this stunning town.

Day 6:
After a last seaside breakfast, we’ll drop you off at the Figari airport for connecting flights. Bon voyage!

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