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Seldom Cruised Caribbean Islands You Really Should See

A sunset on a seldom visitedCaribbean island

An unforgettable sunset on seldom visited Bequia

By WALLACE IMMEN for The Avid Cruiser

All right, so you’re an experienced Caribbean cruiser.

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Small ships cater to kids too

Copyright © Ann L. Miller / Abercrombie & Kent Picture Library

We all know how kid-friendly the mega ships are, but there are some smaller ships that deserve some credit too. For families that like taking the road less traveled, here are some atypical offerings from a handful of small-ship adventure and upscale lines.

Read more of Heidi Sarna’s report at our sister site, Family Cruise Advisor.

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Choose Your Cruise Style: Small Ships


For the sophisticated and experienced traveler who has been there and done that, small ships offer vacation opportunities that allow them to delve deeper into the destinations that interest them most.

While eliminating the long lines, large crowds and bottlenecks that occasionally stall the fun on a large cruise ship, smaller vessels have always offered more intimate and special experiences by taking fewer people to less-accessible destinations, including off-the-beaten-track waterways and tiny ports that passengers on large ships rarely get to see.

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Choose Your Cruise Style: Luxury Cruising


Luxury, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and while cruise vacations are inherently luxurious, some are more luxurious than others. To an increasing degree, luxury is available from the major cruise lines who also cater to the hoi polloi. They are stratifying their ships with exclusive tiers, like private sun decks and V.I.P. pools, and offering shipboard services and shore excursions for those who prefer not to share and are willing to pay.

For instance, Cunard, which operates the legendary Queens, is taking the class divisions further. The ship’s top dining rooms are already reserved for guests in the so-called Queens and Princess Grill Suites. On Queen Victoria guests staying in those top suites will get their own elevator to take them to dinner, so they won’t have to rub elbows with the underclasses.

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Top Ten Reasons For Sailing SeaDream (video)

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Choose Your Cruise Style: Active Cruises


“Active cruising” is a term for a style of cruising that can be defined a couple of ways. In one sense, the term can be applied to a choice made by individual travelers who eat healthy, stay fit and make the most of each port call in the face of hundreds of others enjoying an orgy of fine food and drink and long days at the pool. More and more cruise passengers are opting for this sort of active cruising.

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Sea Dreaming


Bettina Fischer is living her dream — literally.

Interviewed on SeaDream I, anchored in the turquoise waters off the coast of Tortola, the 36-year-old from Bonn, Germany, says she spent quite a lot of time dreaming about her vacation (with her boyfriend) — and then proceeded to live the dream once on board.

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Eggs and Sausage, Brian and the Tabasco Tango

tabasco 3.jpg

A sailing on SeaDream leaves many indelible images, but one of the most memorable for me, oddly enough, takes the form of a Tabasco bottle.  

After placing on my table a plate of sunny-side-up eggs and link sausage, Brian, the ever-smiling waiter, asked if I would care for anything else. When I requested Tabasco sauce, he returned with the bottle, then did something I was not expecting. He twisted the cap and gently placed it and the bottle on my table.

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SeaDream Yacht Under New Command


An urgent note to the owner of SeaDream Yacht Club: Joel Katz has taken command of one of your yachts.

There’s no need to panic, Mr. Brynestad. The vessel is in good hands, I assure you. The ever-gracious Mr. Katz has even promised to return SeaDream I at the end of the week.

With all due respect, Mr. Brynestad, the fact that Mr. Katz could take charge of your fine vessel can be blamed on no one but you.

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A Picture Worth 1,000 Words


View from SeaDream 1, anchored in Soper’s Hole, Tortola.

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