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The 2011 River Cruise Calendar

There is going to be a plethora of river cruise launches next year. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to keep track. There will be newbuilds big and small, on rivers as far ranging as Europe, Russia, China and Southeast Asia. So, as 2010 comes to a close, here is a calendar of river cruising events for 2011 — which ships are launching, when and where.


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Top Ten Reasons To River Cruise In Europe

In the video, Top Ten Reasons To River Cruise In Europe, we outline some of the advantages of river cruising over other forms of transportation. When compared to touring by motorcoach, for example, river cruising is the hands-down winner.

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Avalon Waterways among T+L’s top five river cruises

As part of its 15th annual World’s Best Awards, Travel + Leisure ranked the top five river cruise lines.

The 2010 results, released on July 8, ranked river cruise lines as follows:

  1. Abercrombie & Kent, Score: 91.72
  2. Avalon Waterways, Score: 90.09
  3. Tauck World Discovery: 89.83
  4. Viking River Cruises: 85.33
  5. Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection: 85.14

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Mekong Memory: Soup’s On!

Noodle Station, originally uploaded by Ralph Grizzle.

During breakfast and lunch on La Marguerite, there was a “Fresh Noodle Station,” which prepared delicious noodle soups. Also available: a buffet of Western and Asian foods, fresh fruits and cheeses.

Noodle soup, an option for breakfast and lunch

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Mekong Memory: Tours & River Traffic, Sights You Won’t Believe

On the Mekong: Sa Dec, originally uploaded by Ralph Grizzle.

One of our readers asked about tours and whether they were crowded. They were not. La Marguerite carries 92 passengers. For tours, we split into three groups, meaning there were about 30 people in each group. Thirty is not a small group, but it’s not a large one either.

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The Best Of Our Photos From Eight Days On The Mekong, A Fascinating Journey

Click on the photo above to launch a Flickr slideshow featuring the best photos from our eight-day Mekong cruise.

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Eight Days On The Mekong: Photo Slideshow Of Our Ship, La Marguerite

One highlight of our 8-day Mekong cruise: a 20-minute ox-cart ride back to La Marguerite. Click on the photo above to launch a Flickr slideshow.

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On The Mekong: Caviar And Champagne Replaced By Ox Carts And Chortles

Just when we thought our Mekong cruise could not get any better, it did. Today’s afternoon tour ended with a 20-minute ox-cart ride back to La Marguerite. Traveling through countryside and a small village on a dusty road, past rice fields and amused locals, we ended the last full day of the cruise on an extremely upbeat note. No freely poured champagne and caviar on this soft-adventure cruise; instead, people who value experiencing more than pampering. When I asked fellow passengers about their best day on the cruise, this was it. As for me, one of my best cruise experiences ever is nearing its end. Tomorrow, Angkor Wat and back to Ho Chi Minh City.

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On The Mekong: A Day In Photos In Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Friday afternoon in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, passengers from La Marguerite enjoyed ceremonial song and dance at the National Museum. The performance is part of a blessing ritual in the days before the New Year on April 13 (sometimes celebrated on April 14).

Our morning was a bit more grim, as we visited the Killing Fields and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Photos and captions below.

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On The Mekong: Mid-Trip Report, The Message, Go Now

Worker carrying rice husks for fueling fires at the brick factory in Sa Dec, Vietnam.

Wednesday, April 7, 5:30 p.m. Cruising Into Tan Chau, Vietnam — The early-evening sun appears as a bright orange orb descending into the Mekong. La Marguerite slows its pace, sailing into Tan Chau, the last Vietnamese outpost before the vessel crosses into Cambodia tomorrow. On board, passengers are enjoying a variety of activities. Some are cooling off in the pool, some are sipping cocktails, some are attempting to get the perfect snapshot of the sunset. All appear happy to be exploring a region relatively new to tourism and river cruising.

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