Five Reasons to Love Cruise Specialists Escorted Cruises

Cruise Specialists Escorts Lynn and Buddy in Semarang at the Borabudur Temple
Cruise Specialists Escorts Lynn and Buddy in Semarang at the Borabudur Temple

Taking a cruise with a knowledgeable cruise escort is just like having a friend onboard your same cruise – except this savvy friend just happens to know everything there is to know about your particular journey and cruising in general.  Here are five reasons to love our Cruise Specialists escorts:

1. Serve as Onboard Travel Contact. Our cruise escorts are an extension of your trusted travel specialist and are available to answer your questions about the ship, itinerary, crew or activities.  They will typically host regular chat times at designated times and locations on the ship where our clients can stop by to visit and pick their brain. How many other travelers are able to say that they brought their travel professional onboard the cruise with them?

2. Offer Travel Insight & Recommendations. If you want to know the best spot to snorkel in Grand Cayman or where to shop for souvenirs in Rio de Janiero, chances are our Cruise Specialists escorts have been there and can provide you with a great suggestion or two.  Our escorts have traveled the world – literally.  Most have years, if not decades of experience cruising to exotic and far-flung places around the globe and are happy to share their insider insight with you.

3. Host Parties and Special Events. Our friendly escorts will also typically host several special meet and greet parties for all of our clients who are onboard the cruise.  They welcome each of you into the group and will introduce you to the other guests who most likely share your passion for travel.  These get-togethers are a great way to thank our clients and help foster a special camaraderie among our group of cruisers.

4. Organize Exclusive Shore Tours. Embarking on a Cruise Specialists shore excursion is easy when the cruise escorts safely lead you off the ship and into your waiting transportation.  They take care of coordinating all the details of the tour with the professional local guides/tour companies Cruise Specialists works with so all you have to do is show up and have fun.

5. Provide Peace of Mind. Hopefully your cruise will be free of any mishaps, but just in case you lose your passport, become ill, or need to leave the ship early for some reason, you can take comfort in the fact that your cruise escort is on hand to assist you.   They will always have your best interests in mind and will do everything they can to make sure your cruise experience is a positive one.

When your cruise is over, you will probably consider the Cruise Specialists escort you sailed with a personal friend.  Check out some of our upcoming escorted cruises.